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broken car keys

Don't fish around in there with a pair of scissors. What's that going to do? If you push that broken key in deeper it's going to be really hard to get out.

You need to contact one of our experienced locksmiths who can come to your location, remove that broken key, and make you some new keys.

Have you lost your car key? Do you have a broken key? Is your car ignition stuck?

One of our mobile locksmiths can remove that broken key, and make you a new key, we can also repair and replace a wide range of ignitions.

Our locksmiths can fix it!

We replace broken car keys, keyless entry remotes, and duplicate transponder chip keys. Our broken key replacement locksmiths can make motorcycle and scooter keys, and high security laser cut sidewinder keys.

If your key is too worn to work the lock, we can originate you a fresh key, cut to code.

Have a foreign car with a broken key? our locksmiths can unlock car trunks and open high security European autos.

Need your house re-keyed?

We can change your residential locks and make new house keys. We can also order a wide variety of new lock hardware for your home. If you are locked out of your house, call one of our locksmiths to come out and get that door open for you.

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