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The way transponder key programming works involves a microchip that resides in the top of the key. This microchip has a serial number, which a transponder key programmer has made unique to that key.

The electronic/engine control units (ECU) will send a request to the vehicle for it to validate the serial number. If the car doesn’t recognize any serial number within its set of confirmed and correct numbers, the car will not start.

When buying a vehicle that includes transponder keys, it’s a good idea to have at least two keys. Sometimes keys are lost, so having a second valid, programmed transponder key is important. Let WA-Locks Locksmith set you up with some duplicate chip keys!

If replacement transponder keys are needed, they can usually be made by a vehicle dealer or locksmith. Dealers generally charge about a 300% profit margin, while locksmiths can usually cut and program the key for 50% less than the dealership.

It may be possible for a driver to program his or her own blank keys, but the process can vary by car. Feel free to call us and ask if your car falls within this category.

The technology involved in programming keys to specific cars has lead many vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies to consider cars with transponder keys to be virtually theft-proof. There are many reports, however, of thieves finding ways around the transponder, sometimes simply by towing the car away.

Some manufacturers have been resistant to releasing their programming codes to locksmiths, possibly for fear of theft, but since we are licensed, insured, and bonded, our company has 99% of all programming codes for transponder keys.

Additionally, WA-Locks Locksmith provides services for your Keyless Remote, Chip Key, Car Remote and Duplicate Chip Keys.

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