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Most cars today have a keyless entry system. Keyless remotes have become a standard feature in vehicles that have alarm systems. Keyless remotes are battery run remote devices that are attached to the key chain, and use buttons used for arming and disarming the car’s alarm. The door locks are operated by the button, too. These keyless remotes are great when they work, but annoying when they don’t. WA-Locks Locksmith will come to your assistance whenever you need us. We have the expertise to fix any keyless remote problem.

When you get close to your car, you press the button which stops the alarm and unlocks the doors of the vehicle so that a key is not required. However, keyless remotes do not always work and they sometimes breakdown. If this happens to you, you can contact WA-Locks Locksmith and we will come to you immediately to fix the problem with your keyless remote. Our experience and knowledge will have you inside your automobile and we are available 24 hours a day 24/7.

In the 1980’s, a different type of keyless entry was popular, which used a keypad located by the door handle. This keypad was not always connected to an alarm, but was used because it was convenient. Each vehicle had a personalized code programmed into the pad. The great thing about it was that the driver was able to unlock the car doors without requiring a key. This not only allowed fast and easy entry into the vehicle, but it also meant that if the car keys had been accidentally left inside the car, they could easily get them back.

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