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A laser key is a specially cut key that gives your automobile added security. It has become much more common in recent years on many models of cars. If you use laser keys for your auto or you need replacement laser keys cut for you, then our locksmiths are available to help you. We can send out our mobile team to assess your requirements at any time, as our service operates 24/7.

What is a laser key and how does it work?

A laser key is cut using a specialized laser key cutting machine. It is a far more accurate cut than is used on conventional key cutting machines. The advantage of a laser key is that it is far thicker than the average car key and does not wear out so quickly. The car locks both the ignition and the doors at the same time. Laser keys are much tougher and are far more difficult to pick or be damaged by a car thief. It is also impossible for a criminal to make a laser key through the use of a hand key cutting machine.

What makes a laser key so special is its groove, cut out inside the key. This is referred to as a laser cut or a “sidewinder”. The key has a blade which is rectangular in shape. The groove cut up the middle of the blade’s face is wavy and made at the same depth throughout its length.

Also, the key has exactly the same groove cut out on the blade’s back, which makes it symmetrical. This means it will work which ever way it is placed in the lock.

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