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As a local automotive locksmith service at WA-Locks Locksmith is the best solution to hire, because of the fast response and also because your satisfaction is our first priority and the foundation of our business strategy. We serve Seattle and the surrounding areas, therefore we can have a technician in the field very fast. We use only state of the art equipment, So you can be rest assured you are getting the best car manufacturer OEM parts and labor and we are always striving to give professional, lower cost and faster service than other locksmiths.

We provide a complete car locksmith service from simple unlocking car door to ignition cylinder rekey, on both traditional keylock and electronic lock systems, keyless entry fob, remote starters, laser key cutting and programming of master, valet keys. Our Seattle mobile locksmiths have a wide selection of factory OEM keyblank remotes, flip key (switchblade), fibbe, intelli, VATs, PATs and many more, if you have lost or broken your car keys, if the key stuck in the ignition switch and can't turn, if your clicker won't open the car door, don't waste your time and money towing the vehicle to the dealership, our local technician can meet you any where in Seattle WA area. We have all the diagnostic equipment to plug in to your car to give you a complete evaluation of the options for your vehicle. We give you the option to choose your customized functionality number of button or clickers, cover, shells and key chain.

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