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Commercial Keypad locks

Why transition from mechanical security to a commercial keypad lock or keyless door lock? Smarter security, plus insanely better convenience for everyone. With electronic technology quickly gaining traction in door locks you can solve the problems arising from antiquated key systems. As you already know keys create an unsecure environment leaving assets, and private and sensitive information vulnerable because doors tend to not get locked. Commercial Keypad Locks or keyless door locks are the best line of defense to protect companies from data-loss and identity fraud. Two-thirds of all data breaches in the last 2-3 years stem from lost or stolen data end points, and almost always by an insider. Data End Points include Laptops, I-pods, PDA's, Memory Sticks, CD's & DVD's ie. anything storing data and mobile. Lost intellectual property, and even identity fraud typify the result of stolen data end points. Why let something EASILY preventable ruin your business. Call today to have us install your new commercial keypad locks or other types of keyless door locks.

Keyless Door Locks

Companies lock their doors for good reason. To keep out a former employee who didn't leave on good terms. To lock up equipment in a storage closet. To prevent unauthorized entry. Problems arise when you need immediate access, and can't locate the keys. You might even have the keys on you and not even know it — we've heard our share of embarrasing stories! If you're not a fan of going on long searches for a missing key, invest a portion of this month's profits in keyless locks. Going on two decades of dependability with leading schools, airports, and hospitals, this lock eases the burden on keeping doors locked, while providing authorized, quick access to those who need it. One of the best features of this lock is its scheduling feature. We get calls all the time from store managers, and owners wanting to know what they can do to keep certain individuals from getting in at specified times. This keyless door lock can do it easily, whereas with keys, you can't.

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