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Ignition repair can be a real pain for a number of reasons. While some things are easy to do, such as if you’re ignition has a problem turning, a quick spray of some lubricant may free it up. However, in many cases, to fix the problem, you may have to disconnect the battery, remove the steering wheel, and a number of other steps to be able to just get at the ignition. Unlike WA-Locks Locksmith, not a lot of people own the tools to do all of this, especially to remove a steering wheel properly. If it’s too far gone, it is going to need replacing altogether, and now that you have everything taken apart, how are you going to get anywhere?

These days ignition repair can be even more complicated because new model vehicles are equipped with a transponder chip that is directly connected to the ignition key. These chips are designed to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. If the corresponding chip in the key itself isn’t inserted in the ignition, it won’t start at all. So, one of the biggest problems is that if you have one of these, you are going to have to replace your keys as well. Contact WA-Locks Locksmith, because going to your dealership to do this can be expensive, as well as time consuming because in many cases, they don’t have replacement transponders and keys on hand. They usually have to be ordered from the car manufacturer.

Instead of having to wait for your transponder key, pay a high price for your ignition repair, there is a solution. If you need repairs or replacement of the ignition, replacement and duplicate keys, or even emergency locksmith services, call WA-Locks Locksmith. Our company is a one-stop shop for all your automotive locksmith needs. No matter what kind of ignition repair you need, what kind of vehicle you have, we have you covered.

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