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So what exactly is a locksmith doing when he says he is rekeying your locks? Basically its like having new locks without actually having to purchase new locks. By having the locksmith rekeying them, doing so will only allow a new key to open the locks. There are a multitude of reasons to have your locks rekeyed, but you will need a professional locksmith to get this done.

If you lose your keys of have them stolen, this would be a reason to rekey your locks. You would want to rekey or replace your locks if you were moving into a new house, you wouldn't want some stranger having keys to your locks allowing them entry into your home. Only National Standards Institute Grade 1 designation locks can be re-keyed, if your locks do not meet these requirements you may have to have your locks replaced.

Re-keying your locks allows you to just replace the keys and not the locks, as replacing all of your locks could get rather expensive. The locksmith can do this quickly and without mistakes as they have been trained in all aspects of rekeying. The locksmith can then make your new keys after your locks have been rekeyed.

Locks are essential to keeping your valuables safe. It is much more convenient to have the configuration of your locks changed and can be completed in a very timely manner. You should have your locks rekeyed by a skilled locksmith.

Key Duplication Services

We can make and exact duplicate of your keys, so rest assured that your duplicate key will be just as good as the original. We have very affordable rates for our key duplication services.

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